Will President Barak Obama Use Super Committee Failure As An Excuse?

(BrightCitizen.com)  With the upcoming self-imposed deadline for the super committee coming up.  Whitehouse press secretary Jay Carney today has begun criticizing Republicans for the inability of both parties to come to agreement on deficit cuts before Congress’ self-imposed automatic budget cuts take effect indiscriminately hacking budgets of US government agencies and services.

Flamboyant talk show host, Rush Limbaugh says the purpose of the Super Committee for Obama and Democrats was to change the discussion for deficit reduction to tax increases.  Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich stated in debates early in 2011 that the Super Committee was a waste of time and destined for failure.

President Barak Obama started campaigning in 4 April 2011 for reelection to office.  This brings concern for those who want to have him focused on representing the people of the United States, not running for office.  As President Obama does not have a successful record to run on with high unemployment and business fearful of more indiscriminate laws unwilling to invest too much in the US, many are concerned that Obama’s only chance is to belittle the competition and talk about their inability to get things done.

Today’s apparent failure of the super committee could play right in to Obama’s plan to run a negative campaign to try to stay in office.  We hope not.  There is a possibility is that he may use the Supercommittee results as an excuse to continue his unilateral use of rule by Presidential executive order to push his political agenda.

We hope the next presidential election will focus on candidates promoting the merits of their work and why the candidate should be elected.

Some democrats have suggested that Obama should be revetted through a presidential primary as the republicans have been doing since the beginning of the GOP debates on 5 May 2011.