Pence Or Harris, Which Would Be A Better US President?

There is an added consideration to think about before you cast your vote in the 2020 Presidential Election (whether you use a mail-in ballot or show up in person at your designated precinct). What is that consideration?

Which VP candidate is better prepared to take over the reins should either Presidential candidate be unable to complete their 4-year term? Which VP candidate will continue growing the economy? Which VP candidate will keep taxes low putting more money into your pocket? Which VP candidate will maintain incentives that have encouraged business growth opportunities? Which VP candidate will continue to create job opportunities for women, minorities, every background, every ethnicity, everyone? 

Which VP candidate will support law and order and put an end to the lawlessness and anarchy that is destroying our cities? Which VP candidate will give you a better sense of safety and security within your community? Which VP candidate will continue to make fair and reciprocal trade deals with our trading partners?

Which VP candidate will continue to strengthen our military, end meaningless wars, and continue to bring our troops back home? Which VP candidate do you trust setting foreign policy for our country? Which VP candidate would you be more comfortable with in serious talks with Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, and Xi Jinping? Come to think of it, you can probably ask the exact same questions about the two Presidential candidates.

2 Replies to “Pence Or Harris, Which Would Be A Better US President?”

  1. First question Pence should ask Harris: During the Kavanaugh hearings, you said the victim should always be believed. Why don’t you believe Tara Ried?

  2. In my mind this debate was clearly NOT a “tie”. Harris too often did what Biden too often does – avoid the question partially or altogether, or regurgitate worn-out and meaningless slogans. I do think Pence managed to set the record straight on Harris’ character – that she can and should be challenged on her record as an attorney (in spite of the fact that she insisted no one can “lecture” her on law and order.) She is an extreme leftist who, along with Biden by the way, is NOT a practicing Christian, and is prepared to scuttle religious freedom, among other things (after packing the Supreme Court of course).

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