What Is Your Thinking On Wuhan Corona Virus? Tester or Timid (TvT)?

The world population is probably getting pretty tired with the hearing about the Wuhan Corona Virus? Yes, it is real. However, has it really been worth locking down national economies to limit the spread?

Wuhan Corona Virus

As with anything, there are diverse opinions. Those opinions can be simply separated into to groups

Tester Thinking- The ‘show me the facts’, ‘what are the real results’, ‘how many people actually died?’ people.

Timid Thinking- The ‘lockdown the population’, ‘avoid the spread’, people cannot be responsible for their own health people.

Timid versus tester thinking. In short TvT. Are you a tester or timid thinker?

Dear Prime Minister Shinzo Abe – It’s Time To LIFT the state of emergency

Dear Mr Abe,

Thank you for all your careful consideration in this time of great fear and confusion caused by the Wuhan Corona virus. We are praying for you and that Almighty God will give you special wisdom and direction to make good decisions as you represent the people of our nation.

Small Business Owners In Japan compromise many restaurants

We know there is unfortunately life lost due to this highly contagious sickness around the world. Fortunately, Japan has very few deaths compared to other nations. Like any executive, we recommend you do not give in to the fear mongers and make decisions based on emotions instead of common sense and fact. The world is in great confusion as fear tends to overpower logic with decisions that destroy the economy which is especially the small medium business community. The negative people seem to be getting all of the attention.

Please do not give in to the media hype that is pushing for extending the state of emergency in Japan. Even within our CEO network there are some different opinions.  Having a state of emergency through Golden Week is long enough. Another extension will completely decimate the lives of millions of businesses, families and workers.

The Wuhan Corona virus is bad but when you look at the actual deaths, it doesn’t actually compare to the 3400 people who have lost their lives to influenzas in the 2018/2019 season or even those who choke on ‘mochi’ rice cake each year in Japan. Let’s take the Commonsense model, if someone is sick, stay home. Rest and get well. In addition, the people who have preexisting health conditions should manage themselves and just be extra careful. Those who are well should be encouraged to work so they can enjoy life with their families.

We can no longer let our economy be idled by fear and creating meaningless statistics.

Please be bold and be strong!  Let’s bring Japan back to full force.

Chairman, CEO Group Network

内閣総理大臣 安倍晋三殿 - 緊急事態を解除する時です


Japan Small Businesses are suffering from the lockdowns







Is Michael Bloomberg Really That Tall?

President Trump and Former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg

Recently President Trump commented on the size of Michael Bloomberg. He called the uber Billionaire, ‘Little Mike’.

Trump, not known for always being kind or cordial with his descriptions of those who attack him, had a point. What exactly are the heights of the two men?

Bloomberg– Height 172 cm -weight 76 kilograms

Trump– Height 190cm – weight 105 kilograms

Maybe Bloomberg should hire Tom Cruise as a PR spokesman? Cruise (also about 172 cm tall) is famous for getting other actors about his size around him, so he doesn’t look small in his movies.