Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s False Accusers Cases Crumble

The attack, stall, and delay tactics by US Senate Democrats has achieved the goal at least temporarily.

The attack on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s integrity was distracting. However, the politicians picked the wrong guy to attack. Who would of guessed he kept a detailed calendar for 50 years and know where he was and what he was doing most of his life.

The sex abuse stories that they encouraged have continued to fall apart. The latest from major news media.

In a memo released Sunday, experienced sex-crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell flagged numerous inconsistencies in Ford’s testimony, saying that her case against Kavanaugh was even weaker than the typical “he said, she said” scenario. Specifically, Mitchell noted that Ford repeatedly changed her story as to the number of people at the party where she allegedly was assaulted, and could not remember certain key details like how she got home or whether she had given her therapist notes to The Washington Post just two months ago.

None of the witnesses Ford named as present at the house, including her lifelong best friend, has backed her claims. Additionally, Ford admitted under questioning by Mitchell that she travels regularly on airplanes, even though her team had cited a fear of travel as a reason she could not promptly come to Washington, D.C. to testify. Ford also indicated under oath she was not aware that Senate Republicans had publicly and privately offered to fly to California to interview her — a disparity that Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., vowed to investigate.

And Swetnick seemingly has changed her story on whether she had first-hand knowledge that Kavanaugh intentionally plied women with alcohol so that they could be gang-raped decades ago. One of Swetnick’s ex-boyfriends also has questioned her credibility, exclusively telling Fox News that she once threatened to murder his unborn child and “exaggerated everything” to get attention.

A separate ex-boyfriend has also said in a sworn statement to the Judiciary Committee that he does not believe Swetnick, and claimed that Swetnick’s father intimated she has mental health issues.

Swetnick’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti, has called repeatedly for the FBI and Senate investigators to interview his client, even as major inconsistencies in her account continued to surface Tuesday. Swetnick was sued in 2000 by her former employer for allegedly falsifying her educational experience, and she also was accused of fabricating sexual harassment episodes.

On Tuesday, Mike Davis, who works as the nominations counsel for Grassley, reportedly told Avenatti: “We have already reviewed your client’s allegations. We focus on credible allegations. Please stop emailing me.”

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Know Your Timing

It’s great to see get out there and do great things in music, entertainment, and research. However, there’s a time for everything.

Great business know when to run and when to build. Pictured above is a former Japan heart throb (Takuya Kimura or ‘Kimutaku’) in j-pop music. He’s over 40 now and attempting a come back. His fan generation is not interested.

Great business people become great because they’ve got the timing element nailed.

President Trump Needs To Get The Facts Right On US Bases In Japan

(BrightCitizen.com) Donald Trump has told us repeatedly that other countries need to pay their fair share for defense. When discussing the United Nations it is true that the United States has been paying most of the bills for military related activities and more. However, Trump has leveled the same judgment on the US military bases in Japan.

Japan pays for 50% or more, for everything at the US bases in that country. If the US government does not think that is enough of the costs, it should consider phasing out and closing the bases. That would cut costs and also give the Japan government a chance to show what they’re made of.

The Public Doesn’t Buy The Attacks On Alabama’s Judge Roy Moore

(BrightCitizen.com) The leftist media has done it’s best to smear Alabama’s Judge Roy Moore.  The outspoken Christian has not given in to their attacks.

From collaborative websites and a survey of the comment section of various news sites, it is clear the the public isn’t buying the pre-election release about him being a pervert.  Interestingly enough, Judge Moore’s wife isn’t buying the story either.

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s marriage was certainly a marriage of convenience.  They may have married for love back in Arkansas, but that love was long gone with the string of women that Bill went after as he seemed to have no intimacy with his wife.  Of course, men also must not succumb to temptation if they have a healthy relationship with their wife.  However, a relationship with no romance between the husband and wife is DOA.  Hillary defended her husband as he was her gravy train.  Now, the media reports that they mostly live apart.

For Judge Moore, his wife Kayla Moore is vigorously defending him.   Why?  If she thought he were a pervert, she would certainly not be living with him, nor would she go out and campaign side by side with him.

The leftists are trying to smear Judge Moore and American’s just are not ignorant of the scheme.

Alabama will elect Judge Moore and will soon have Senator Roy Moore!


Celebrating New National Holiday – Nobama Day!

After 8 years of arrogance, ignorance, anti-business, anti-family, and suppression of anyone who would dare to disagree, the American people voted overwhelmingly across the United States to replace Barak Obama and his hand picked candidate with someone different.  Americans selected a rough-talking, big business-man, and television personality.  He is untested and unproven in the political sphere.

Today, 20 January 2017, we celebrate freedom from a president who ignored American law, suppressed the truth, persecuted Christians, promoted sexual perversion, and frequently ignored the chances to dialog with American businesses at home and abroad.

Today we celebrate “Nobama Day”.  No more Obama to push a socialist agenda on the majority of Americans who are sensible and hard working.

Of course, Nobama Day could be an annual holiday, but let’s make it a 1 day, 1 year thing.  We must work to never again put this type of person in office. From today, Americans must focus on getting smart people  who will actively uphold the wishes of a moral society and comply with the high standards of the office.  People who will help America to prosper and not decay.

We don’t know what the leadership of newly elected President Trump holds based on his previous behavior, but we certainly see him surrounding himself with outstanding business people and military leaders.  Washington DC leaders have gone from lawyers to professionals and military people.  There is great ancient wisdom on this.

Without counsel, plans go awry,
But in the multitude of counselors they are established.
Proverbs 15:22 (NKJV)

We shall see

Why Committed Christians Support Donald Trump As US President

As committed Christians in America, it is impossible to support the Democratic party for one simple reason, the party is ‘pro-choice’ as the secular mass media calls it. In other words, a major platform of the Democratic party is that if you get pregnant it is a ‘right’ to be able to kill that child if you don’t want it. Unfortunately, when you murder, the blood of the victim may or may not be on your hands physically, but it is definitely on your hands spiritually. Women who kill their babies struggle with guilt of murdering their children for decades to come. Therefore, the only committed Christians that remain in the party are just those who are not aware of this evil or those who don’t understand the blood of those they support will be on their hands.

In choosing between the candidates of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump that ran for election of the US Presidency of 2016, from a Jesus perspective the choices were not all that different. Both candidates were not that much different and had many flaws. Clinton had extensive integrity issues of lying, hiding information from our government (but carelessly giving other information to other governments), and a strong visible arrogance. The populace was tired of politics as usual.

Mr. Trump ran for office as he was tired of seeing the novice leadership and hypocrisy of Barak Obama. American interests and values were heavily damaged by the inexperienced moderate muslim President who claimed to be Christian to get elected. His confused leadership supported muslim causes, persecuted Christians, while promoting sexual sin and debauchery in the United States and spending money like a teenager who had found his parents credit card.  Clearly, we would not have Mr. Trump as president if Mr. Obama hadn’t been elected.  We suspect some good changes around the corner.

How Can Committed Christians Support Mr. Trump?
Mr. Trump in the primary competition with Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Dr. Carson, Mike Huckabee and other republicans was very coarse, shallow in content, and lacking in statesmanship people wanted from someone running for the highest office of the land. In the end, Mr. Trump won the primary for the Republican party because people loved his direct talk and stances on bringing America back to some level of strength by ‘Make America Great Again;.

Christians were forced to choose between a very flawed woman who had already voiced her distain for the majority of Americans, a type of Marie Antoinette, and a nearly seventy year old businessman with no experience in the public sector but a very direct style.  We must not forget Hillary’s health issues, foul mouth, and mistreatment of secret service agents she had around her as she was married to a former president we not good character indicators.

Committed Christian leadership unanimously chose Mr. Trump for various reasons. Specifically,

  1. Trump proclaimed his support for the Republican party platform and his commitment to protect unborn babies from murder
  2. Trump surrounded himself with actual committed Christian leaders with government experience specifically selecting Michael Pence the governor of Indiana
  3. Trump offered an alternate to 8+ years of out of control spending with DC politicians
  4. Trump worked non-stop to meet the people campaigning in every state and ‘pressing flesh’ with people that revealed more about who he was all the way to election day
  5. Despite showing distain for those who criticized him, Trump displayed dedication to those who support him and gave him a chance
  6. Trump embodied the American dream of someone who has done big things in business/life (despite his short comings)


We knew what we would have gotten more of the Obama evil with Hillary, and many have thought that it would be the same with Trump. However, the above indicators are showing that is probably not the case. It is interesting that preceding Trump’s election win, Rodney Howard-Browne, Joe Fuiten, James Dobson, Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson, Gordon Robertson, Kenneth Copeland, and many others supported Trump. Browne prophesied that Trump would when the election and bring America back from the brink of destruction that Obama had led the nation to.

There are no assurances for any national leader but the fine print (recorded actions) does matter. We have a President Trump now and we need to pray for wisdom and direction for him. We also need to pray that he will continually surround himself with godly men and women who are champions spiritually, experienced in government or business, will protect the traditional family, and help the nation to get out of the financial losses of the last 8 years.