Apple Computer Is Not Pushing Anything Here… Are They?

Pulled the Apple Watch out of the drawer the other day to track work outs a bit. Of course, the Apple Watch is no cheap product, so appreciate the frequent software updates. For some reason, the AW gets a lot of attention for ‘multiple coloring’ themes from Apple. It seems to be their ‘wear your statement on your wrist product’.

As Apple is one of the largest companies in the world, it’s always good to be seen as a moderate for various thinking within their massive customer base.

This morning, got a notification that wasn’t about an Apple Watch update, it was about a new watch face. Not anything particularly useful as it doesn’t display temperature, upcoming meetings, or any other useful information. It does come ‘loaded’ with what appears to be bias towards a certain type of thinking group.

Why do they have they push this on us? How about a ladies day face? A guys watch face? A runners watch face? Or maybe some other truly useful watch-face? This is truly disappointing to see Apple pushing something that the majority of the customers likely don’t support. Maybe it’s time to put the watch back in the drawer.