Making Friends And Influencing People Through Effective Email and Digital Communications

( Communicating well is very important.  It can mean the difference between peace and war (sometimes even at the office), and in some cases life and death.  In business, life, and politics, email, social media, and other forms of digital communication are essential to getting out your message.

A great post on the Decker blog entitled Refreshing Your Email Manners talks about communicating effectively via email.  A quick summary from Bright Citizen’s perspective would be-

-Put a descriptive subject in the subject line of an email that gets to the point

-Keep your email direct and to the point

-Avoid abusing punctuation such as multiple ???, !!!, and so forth

-Reply to the sender.  Only reply all as absolutely necessary.

There is a lot more we can say about this, however we hope this will get you thinking.