Who Does Barak Obama Want To Run Against Gingrich Or Romney?

An excellent opinion piece came out by Gregg Easterbrook on Reuters contrasting which candidate Obama has a better chance beating.  You can read the article here, but the summary is excellent.  Romney would be a wash and nothing for Republicans to rally behind.  Romney, he is the 1%.  Quoting-

That may not be a fair charge, but it is a powerful one, with which Obama could pillory Romney. There is a clear political playbook to use against Romney.

This especially matters to the youth-vote/youth-volunteer equation. The young voters who enthusiastically supported Obama in 2008 now seem more turned off by him. But if 2012 pits Obama versus Mr. One Percent, young voters might get excited again. Obama would be offering them a chance to defeat Wall Street, at least symbolically.

Whatever other failings he may have, Romney has always comported himself with dignity. An Obama-Romney contest would be the kind of decorous, high-minded campaign at which the president excels. In an Obama-Gingrich race, practically anything could happen.

So forget the polls. If I am Barack Obama, I want to run against Mitt Romney.