8 Reasons Why Mitt Romney Can’t Be The GOP Candidate And Beat Obama

(BrightCitizen.com) Here are eight reasons why conservatives placing their bets on the Mitt Romney campaign (or Mitt Inc) for the US presidential candidate will likely make the 2012 elections a fruitless campaign for Republicans.
  1. He is viewed as a chameleon on issues, changing to what side he sees he can get more votes (much like Obama).
  2. He is the 1%.  He has multi-millions of dollars that comes in monthly that makes him the natural ‘Occupy Wallstreet’ target.
  3. He seems disconnected with the majority of Americans.  This makes it hard for anyone to get excited about him.
  4. He’s outright mean acting in debates with the other candidates and even in interview with supportive news organizations responding to reasonable questions.
  5. He’s been running for offices too long.  He ran and lost in Massachusetts for senator, then for US president on the last cycle.
  6. He comes across as plastic, the Ken married to Barbie.  Americans are less than plastic and want someone who can relate to them.
  7. He has no true international experience, despite US business experience.
  8. He produces and promotes (directly and indirectly) false advertising misquoting both his political enemy (Obama) as well as other candidates.

Basically, Mitt Romney would be a ‘boring’ candidate for the US elections.  He would not stir the electorate as we have seen already no real zeal behind him in the polls despite some endorsements.  Some politicians have endorsed him thinking there is no other choice, but they should probably look again.    With Mitt we just have another John McCain type candidate.

There is one other issue that people don’t want to talk about for fear of political correctness that will likely hurt Mitt Inc.  It is really Mitt Romney’s political Achilles heel.

Many American’s identify themselves as ‘Christian’ and have branded the Mormon church as a ‘cult’ for decades. It may be difficult for him to garner their support.  Barak Obama professes to be a Christian but acts as an agnostic as we have seen from his actions denying national days of prayer and doing nothing to show any true sense of spirituality.

Most committed Christians knows Obama is a political Christian, just looking to pick up the votes of the cultural Christians who make up a large group in the US.  Mitt may not have that same pleasure.  We have already seen splintered support from Evangelicals go to Bachmann and Santorum (who have no chance of winning) over throwing their support behind Mitt. This is despite many Christian leaders saying they could vote for a Mormon (in case he secures the nomination).

If Mitt Romney wins the Republican nomination, we believe Obama’s chances of winning another 4 years have just increased.  Apparently, so do others.