The Blood Of Innocent Children On Ohio Governor John Kasich’s Hands

Ohio Governor John Kasich vetoed a Republican party bill limit the murder of innocent babies.  The bill would have limited the ability to kill a child in the womb when the heartbeat is detected.

There is no line between when a baby becomes a human.  By standing against the work to protect the children, Kasich has the blood of this innocent kids on his hands.  US media reported,

Many Republican lawmakers, emboldened by Donald Trump’s recent election, wanted Kasich to sign the more restrictive ban. GOP leaders like Senate President Keith Faber saw an opportunity to use the heartbeat bill to overturn Roe v. Wade, counting on new Trump-appointed, conservative U.S. Supreme Court justices.

In vetoing the bill, Kasich pointed to judicial precedent, saying the legislation was “clearly contrary to the Supreme Court of the United States’ current rulings on abortion.”

Kasich campaigned for the Republican nomination for the US presidency in the 2016 elections but failed to gain interest from the citizens.  He eventually dropped out of the race, as he tried to present himself as a solid Republican with core party ideals, but clearly Kasich is a RINO (Republican In Name Only).

The Reason Why Donald Trump Ran For President Of The United States

obama-on-bikeMany Americans have been frustrated by Barak Obama and his rudderless leadership of the United States.  Instead of supporting and helping American business that can help increase tax revenue, he attacked Boeing through the Justice Department.

On his international visits, he was more concerned about meeting with homosexuals than the American businesses in the area.

He proclaimed his christianity to get elected but thought it better to  send back the culturally christian people of the Middle East into persecution or deadly environments than properly filtering the Muslims who were admitted into the US that present a threat of domestic terrorism.

Clearly Donald Trump, like most of America, was frustrated with the weak leadership of Barak Obama.  He ran for office because as any entrepreneur, he felt he could do it better.

But that is nothing compared with the utter devastation Democrats have suffered in the states. On President Obama’s watch, Democrats have lost a net grand total of 939 state legislative seats, 30 state legislative chambers and a dozen governorships. When Obama first took office, Republicans held just 3,223 state legislative seats. After Tuesday’s vote, the number stands at 4,162. There are now more Republican state legislators than at any time since 1920. And if Gov. Pat McCrory holds on in North Carolina, Republicans will match their all-time high of 34 GOP governors last seen in the 1920s

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Not Interested In Meeting Barak Obama

Rodrigo Duterte (Photo- Courtesy Reuters)

(  Like most Americans, many world leaders have lost respect for Barak Obama..The lame-duck US president infamous for championing trans-sexual bathrooms in the US criticized President Duterte’s leadership and tough stance against drug dealers and pushers in his home country.

But the Filipino leader did not take kindly to that notion, saying Obama had better think twice about raising the issue of the killings.
“Who does he think he is? I am no American puppet. I am the president of a sovereign country and I am not answerable to anyone except the Filipino people,” Duterte scoffed in a speech Monday. “Son of a b****, I will swear at you.”

Drugs are a major issue in the world and world ledader

The Philippines War On Drugs
Since Duterte was elected, more than 1,900 people have died, including at least 700 in police operations that were part of the president’s hardline war on drugs.
“Double your efforts. Triple them, if need be. We will not stop until the last drug lord, the last financier, and the last pusher have surrendered or put behind bars — or below the ground, if they so wish,” Duterte said during his State of the Nation speech on July 25.

Obama Also Snubbed By The Chinese
Dueterte was not the only world leader to blow off Barak Obama. Chinese took away the red carpet when the US president’s plane arrived at the airport. They did other things to show their displeasure with the incompetent leader’s visit.

The Second String NFL Quarterback Not Standing For Pledge, Colin Kaepernick Has Other Motivation

Colin-KaepernickThe United States is far from a perfect country.  There has been much injustice.   However, Abraham Lincoln and the Republicans risked national unity and fought a civil war to bring freedom to African American slaves brought to the early American soil against there will.  Women have gotten the right to vote.  Things are not perfect but there is injustice happening in every group but NOT in America as a whole.

When second string American football player Colin Kaepernick says he refuses to stand for The Pledge of Alligence to honor the people who have died to bring the freedom we have, it’s obvious we’re dealing with a man clueless on American history.  All Colin is really doing is creating a distraction for his performance.

Just a brief look at the comment section of any news site, you can see comments of people telling Mr. Colin Kaepernick that it’s time to get out of the NFL.  Strangely enough, the freedom that allows Kaepernick to sit on his bum will the rest of the team and crowd is standing gives him the freedom to espouse his ignorance.  Maybe the best question to ask is “Colin, please name 5 areas were you see the nation promoting racial tension?”  Someday, we hope Colin will become a bright citizen.


Why Was/Is Bill Clinton Looking For Sex Outside His Marriage To Hillary

bill_clinton_olderBy now, we’re all very familiar with the sexual escapades of Bill Clinton while he was in the Whitehouse.  Of course, he and those who voted for him are responsible for the thousands of human lives lost under his presidency through the abortions that occurred during his time. However, unlike the hated Barak Obama, Mr. Clinton was actually able to compromise and get things down so the United States could operate and grow.

Few talk about the root cause of Bill’s very public sexual activity.  There were multiple cover ups of the various woman he had relations with during his time in office of Governor of Arkansas as well as his time as president.  What was going on?  Of course, we can assume it is just him being too sexually driven.  However, where there is smoke there is fire.  Many people see marriage infidelity as all the man’s fault, however the woman has a role to play in the marriage as well.  Women have their monthly menstrual cycles just as men have a cycle of sexual desire for their wife.  If that desire is not fulfilled men will go looking for sexual fulfillment elsewhere.

This is exactly what has happened to Bill Clinton.  He married a dog whose only goal is to control people and make money.  When you look at Mr. Clinton’s wife, it makes it a bit easier to understand why he looks elsewhere for sexual fulfillment.  Who knows, the last time the Clinton’s had sexual intimacy could have been the conception of Chelsea.  How long ago was that?

Is There A Coverup for Hillary Clinton’s Health Issues Going on?

Charisma News Reports on the continuing health issues of Hillary Clinton, current Democratic Party candidate for US president saying-

If you ever needed evidence to know the mainstream media is working to stack the deck against those who oppose its liberal agenda, look no further.

In a report by Breitbart News’ Lucas Nolan, an analysis of internet search engines found evidence that suggests Google—the predominant search engine in the world—has been suppressing searches for articles regarding Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s health concerns. It compared the same search entry among several engines and found:

Searches for “Hillary Clinton’s he-” across three different search engines provide quite different results. When searched on Google, the first suggested searches provided are “Hillary Clinton’s headquarters,” “Hillary Clinton’s health plan,” and “Hillary Clinton’s healthcare plan.”

Search results on Bing return the suggestions, “Hillary Clinton’s health,” “Hillary Clinton’s health issues,” and “Hillary Clinton’s health and weight,” while search results on Yahoo return the suggestions, “Hillary Clinton’s health problems,” Hillary Clinton’s health” and “Hillary Clinton’s health issues.”

Read the whole story here.

This Is The Best We’ve Got? Hillary Vs Donald

HillaryVDonaldThis is the best we’ve got?  Hillary versus Donald Trump?  It’s the boring battle between the pathological liar and the super exaggerator.  Some Americans have have described the choice as almost like choosing between two STDs… would you like Syphilis or Gonorrhea?

Let’s face it, most of us don’t like either choices.  However, if we have to choose between the two we should likely think more about it as we’re dealing with friends… this “friend” were going to have to listen to for the next 4 years unfortunately.

Everyone has one of those friends that things that they are God’s gift to the world.  That person who thinks more of themselves than they ought.  That is definitely the Donald Trump.  On the other hand, no one likes to associate with a person who is always changing their story otherwise known as lying.

Second only to Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton is the dirtiest politician to be in and run again for office.  She arranges political favors for people who pay her foundation, compromises national intelligence for her ‘convenience’ and will lie right to your face… even if it’s about her fellow countrymen dying (in Benghazi).

The Philippines used to be known for corruption, payoffs and cheating politicians. Now we’ve got that same element here in the US with Hillary Clinton.  Now with the new president of the Philippines, Mr. Rodrigo Duterte, the lying cheating criminal element is being called out.  If the country has moral leadership, the country will flourish.

If we have to choose between Hillary and Donald, the choice is clearly Donald.  Frankly, we’d prefer to have another choice of a strong constitutionalist.  He’s certainly a big talker and has a set of problems of his own, however the thought of a sleazy woman who lies about anything and everything being in control of what was once a mostly moral and upright nation is appalling.

Can You Imagine Doing Business Donald Trump?

Michael Douglas in Movie WallstreetMany people see business as profit and loss, getting orders, and servicing clients.  As the famous movie Wallstreet ,with Michael Douglas, called it “ABC”  or “Always Be Closing”.  Of course, sales are a very important part of any business.  However, if you have been doing any business for any extended amount of time, you realize that the last thing you want to do is burn bridges with your customers, employees, or suppliers.  It is always good to do the right thing, and do you best to make people happy.

In the US, we’ve seen a business man become famous as a reality television star.  This man inherited millions of dollars from his late father in New York and gained more money using his strong personality and direct way of speaking.  Don Trump decided he was going to run for President of the United States.  With past standards of the Democratic party and the mantle of the Republican party he began his run for office.  The American campaigning for the US elections basically run two years.

As you look asTrumpRaiseArm Mr. Trump, you think what if you had a customer like this?  What would you do with someone like this?  Do we really want to work with a person who curses like someone in an American restricted movie? Someone who tries to assassinate the character of their competition?  A business person is documented as saying something and later denying that recorded comment?  In the end of a deal, who likes to pay a premium for something just to find out you were ripped off?

Commerce works in this world because people have mutual respect for each other.  Commerce really comes down to trusting the people you are working with.  It is foolish to rip someone off because that person may show up again as a buyer, client, employee, or background influencer at another company.

We hope that no liar, cheat, or bigot takes political control of any country.  If they do, their lack of ethics not only affects the government, but also drags down the standards of the business leaders and community in the country.

People aren’t ignorant.  If a company has unreasonable, trash-talking customers, it’s better to walk away and focus on the good people.  It’s good to frequently say when meeting new people, “It’s always good to know good people”.  Respecting people and learning about them is what makes business so fun.