The Biases and Exaggerations Of CBS’ 60 Minutes

From a Bright Citizen Reader

Back in the 70s, I went with my dad (an electrical engineer for GE) to a presentation by Illinois Power. They first showed the “60 Minutes” episode that was done about an IP nuclear power plant, pointing out all the lies the officials told and stuff like that.

BUT, Illinois Power had done ONE thing right — THEY HAD FILMED everything presented to the “60 Minutes” crew, and the additional footage PROVED WITHOUT A SHADOW OF DOUBT that “60 Minutes” had PURPOSELY distorted the information presented to them.

For example, on the flow chart for how long it would take IP to move the reactor from the rail car into position, it showed 4 weeks. “60 Minutes” showed they only took 1 day and stating that the time frame was purposely exaggerated.

BUT IP’s film showed the “60 Minutes” reporter being told that the 4 weeks included all the preparation and testing time required by law before the actual move, but THAT information was conveniently left out of “60 Minutes” show.

MY POINT? NOBODY should watch “60 Minutes” — EVER.