The Most Secure And Privacy-minded Internet Browser

It seems many are recently Google’s Chrome browser, but for others it’s basically using spyware as all your data goes to the search giant. There are other options. VPN service provider, ExpressVPN has put out it’s ranking of the best internet browsers.

Check out the list from best to worse.

  1. Tor Browser
  2. Firefox
  3. Brave
  4. Chromium
  5. Apple Safari
  6. Google Chrome
  7. Opera
  8. Microsoft Edge (now built on Chromium)
  9. Internet Explorer (No longer supported, not recommended)

Great list You can read the detailed report here.

Carlos Ghosn, Former Nissan Boss Jumps Bail, Breaks Japan Laws Again In Flight To Lebanon

Carlos Ghosn, Former Nissan CEO and Corporate Pirate

Carlos Ghosn proclaimed his innocence in sending millions of Nissan dollars to paper companies in the Netherlands and the Middle East under the management of his children. Today he jumped bail sneaking out of Japan to avoid prosecution.

Bloomberg reported about his departure. Disregarding the laws and fleeing to a country without reciprocal legal agreements seems to reinforce the position that Ghosn is indeed guilty despite his video in April [here] claiming to be innocent.

Ghosn claimed the Japanese legal system is rigged against him. The Japanese legal system is not perfect, but definitely more effective than other developed nations in identifying criminals and punishing them for their crimes. This bail jumping by Carlos Ghosn reinforces the idea that he is guilty.

The government of Japan should lodge a formal complaint with the Lebanese government to send Ghosn back for trial immediately.

Maybe now, Ghosn can earn the title #pirateghosn for defrauding Nissan shareholders of millions of dollars?

Elizabeth Warren for President?

Liz Warren For President?

Drinking beer is one thing, but trying to be a hip politican at the same time is a different story. Could you imagine Elizabeth Warren as president of the United States?

At, we believe that no booze with national leadership is best. Then they while have less of a chance of doing something that we ALL regret later.

Robert Mueller Makes It Official, He Has TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome)

Robert Mueller Has TDS

It’s Official, The Mueller Investigation Was A Scheme

Not just a small waste, but a waste of 35M USD to tell us what we already know. President Donald Trump did not collude with the Russian government to win the election, or whatever else the leftist media was looking for. They spent 2 years on it and found nothing.

Mueller gave his report and had nothing to report. Apparently, he still wanted to somehow get a ‘knife’ into Mr. Trump. How? He calls a press conference to say, he was not allowed to convict the President. It makes us, the citizens, wonder if Robert Mueller was so concerned about being able to prosecute Mr. Trump in something, why would he take a job? His, hopefully, final press conference illustrated his bias according to politicially left Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz.