An incompetent President -Joe Biden

It is not so much that Trump lost, it is more how he lost and who he lost to. At some point we may hear the real truth, but I doubt it very much. Our self appointed royalty class needs to be replaced and term limits need to be put in place.

I am an independent, raised in an all democrat family and I lean conservative. That being said, Joe Biden is not a quality president. He does not have the strength, ability, mental accumen or mental toughness to be president. There were so many potential candidates that the dems started out with that were so much more qualified that Joe Biden.

I don’t believe that he will mentally and possibly physically make it through the next four years healthy. I pray that I am wrong, but even at that, he is not qualified to be president. I just wish that the dems would have put up someone else that is better equipped. No, I am not bitter about any of it.

Biden may have been duly elected, but he will go down as an inadequate president. Oh what I wouldn’t give for a JFK or Ronald Reagan.

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