One of America’s Greatest Presidents Donald Trump

We lived through 8 years of Obama. We will survive this. Keep your chin up and don’t complain. We had a great president in Donald Trump who, despite constant attacks, accomplished more good for this country than any president in history. And the news never gave him credit.

He exposed corruption in the deep state, grew the economy and jobs, appointed an unbelievable number of conservative judges, strenghtened our military, solved problems with the VA, brokered peace deals in the middle east that no one else ever got done, secured our borders, lowered taxes, dealt with Chinese trade issues, saved our steel industry, promoted black colleges and enterprise zones for minority communities, achieved energy independence and I could go on an on. He worked like a dog for this country and got no recognition for it.

NO ONE has done so much for this country in the face of so much opposition. Melania was the most beautiful, intelligent and graceful first lady since Jacki Kennedy. Yet no talk shows had her on. No magazines featured her. No White House tours. No fawning over her like Michelle. But that’s OK.

People that love this country know and appreciate the Trumps. Donald was just what we needed. He was not a politician, and that’s why so many of us love him. He said what he felt and we appreciated that. He knows and loves American and working Americans and we can feel that. He is a great great man and I am proud to have supported him.

From a reader