Mitt Romney May Have Money But He Is Losing Credibility

(  As we were leaning towards throwing our support towards Mitt Romney a few months back, however we have seen actions of the campaign speak even louder than his words.

With Mitt Romney advertising that misquotes Obama, and now another round of adverts misquoting and misleading on Gingrich, it is clear that Romney has gone towards Darth Vader’s ‘Dark Side’ as the famous Star Wars movie scripts the evil character coercing the good character Luke Skywalker to ‘Come To The Dark Side’.

In American politics, the candidates are held to higher standards than their Asian and European counterparts.  If you do a search on Mitt Romney + lying + liar you will find sites like Rolling Stone magazine, ABC News and a myriad of bloggers highlighting the misuse of information by the Romney campaign.   Americans are not so ignorant to believe misquotes by any candidate.

We truly hope that positive will take the campaigning to a higher level.  Maybe Romney could learn a thing or two from passionately positive Tim Tebow, quarterback of the Denver Broncos.  Build up people, and everyone does well.