Why Is It That The Media Keeps Shoving Romney Over The Interest In Ron Paul And Newt Gingrich?

(BrightCitizen.com)  At BrightCitizen the only GOP candidate we have met is Mr. Mitt Romney back in 2006.  We were impressed with him.  However as we look back at the experience, it is clear that is what he was trying to do… hoping to impress.  The Economist magazine was not impressed as we were and commented that he was a bad speaker and was not good with crowds.  We did not agree with the UK-based magazine (they call themselves a ‘newspaper’) as we saw the contrary in person.

In his second attempt for the US President election, we had thought Mitt Romney was knowledgeable, a good speaker and very professional.  His business experience has been a point that stood out to us as the writers at BrightCitizen are all business professionals and believe there are too many lawyers in Washington DC.

However, it seems the media is shoving Mitt Romney down our throats.  Yes, he has been endorsed by New Jersey Chris Christie (another lawyer), but most Americans are clueless on who the governor of New Jersey is.  Why is it that candidates such as Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich seemed to be judged as unfit for debate while Romney is getting all the attention?

In November, things have begun to change.  We are happy to see many people beginning to connect with Newt.  We disconnected with Mitt’s message this summer as he doesn’t seem mind attacking, belittling, and misquoting not only the good guys he was competing against, but also Barak Obama.  His TV advertising is outright lying that reflects back on the whole Republican party.  He started with Barak Obama, but now seems to be lying about and misquoting Mr. Gingrich.  What kind of integrity is this?

If you read the comment sections of most news websites, you will also notice there has been a steady interest in, and excitement about, Ron Paul.  There really doesn’t seem to be that same excitement for Mitt Romney.  It just seems that most Americans accepted him as the lesser of two evils when compared to Barry Obama.

Do you think the polls are really the reason why Mitt gets so much press?