Was Barak Obama Elected Or Crowned?

(BrightCitizen.com) Was Barak Obama elected President of the United States of America or was he crowned King of the United States?  From his actions, many are really beginning to conclude that Barak Obama thinks he’s king.  Why is this?

Barak seems to think that if he wants to do something he’s above the law so he can do whatever he pleases.  Well, what exactly is Mr. Obama doing?  The first thing we should do is follow the money.

1) Obama has spent nearly $1M USD on a dinner for the Mexican President in 2010.  The dinner for the Indian Prime minister cost nearly $500k.  The Washington Examiner reports the following

Gary Walters, who ran presidential household operations for 21 years during Democratic and Republican administrations, before retiring in 2007, told The Examiner the costs reflected in the documents were “excessive. They are high.”

The chief usher of the White House from the Reagan to George W. Bush presidencies, Walters consulted a former White House colleague and said neither of them could recall entertainment costs anywhere near those revealed in the documents provided to The Examiner.

2) Although both parties have used the custom Boeing 747 known as Airforce One on campaign stops.    Most have scheduled other events around their trips related to duties as President.  In 2010, Obama flew more than 172 times.  Looking up 2012, his year as campaigner and chief of the United States is even more concerning.

3) Executive orders- As of 25 Sept 2012 Obama has signed 139 executive orders.  He has skirted Congress on many issues in his “We can’t wait” Campaign… Campaign?  Isn’t he supported to work with other elected officials like himself?

  • June 2012- Halted deportations of illegal aliens without agreement of US Congress.
  • July 2012- Changed welfare policy to allow states to modify work requirements.  Government Accountablity Office concluded he was wrong to skirt the government checks and balances.

Now VP Joe Biden is saying Obama may institute gun control via executive order.  

Judging from Barak Obama’s spending habits, focus on campaigning over collaborating with his fellows in Washington, and his actions that indicate he is not willing to listen to the other side many are beginning to think he thinks he was crowned not elected.  What’s next, removing the 8 year term-limit on the office of President?


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