Why Florida is Doing Better Against Wuhan Corona Virus COVID-19 Than California

I got the sars-cov-2 a couple days before Christmas. I didn’t get it from going out to lunch every day. I didn’t get it from grocery shopping or from Lowe’s or any other stores. I didn’t get it from someone I work with.

I got it like almost everyone is getting it…From close quarters with people at home. Specifically, my wife. She’s maintained her usual routine without getting it.

She owns and runs a children’s dance studio yet there have been no cases at the dance studio and she didn’t get it there. She got it from a friend while at the girl’s christmas get together. Close quarters at a house.

The friend that got everyone sick got it from her son. He got it while hanging out at a friend’s house with several other people.

Knowing all that, what does california do? They force everyone to stay home and close most businesses. But nobody is going to stay at home for 2 years straight. They go visit friends and family constantly because there’s nothing else to do.

This is how the virus spready. This is why Florida is doing well. People are out and about doing their normal routines which generally is low risk for infection. They aren’t hanging out at friend’s houses daily because they are working where risk of infection is low.

Every person I know who has gotten it, did so while at a friends house hanging out. I know of nobody who got it from a co-worker or while out and about shopping and eating.