Gucci’s Awkward Advertising

Gucci Advertising in Tokyo

Walking around any major metropolitan area you are bound to find advertising desire to be brash or at least get your attention. In Tokyo, it seems the marketing department at Gucci is attempting the same. However, in order to get people to buy your stuff, you want to appeal to them. Over the last few months the various adverts we have seen from Gucci are less appealing and more awkward. More artsy than something a shopper would want to buy or even mimic.

If you looked more closely one of the themes was a play on the Noah’s Ark story with models and animals on a deck of what looked like a ship. The recent campaign (above) seems to be a collaborative effort with animation character “Doraemon” with models wearing jeans and T-shirts.

The first look did not get your attention or appeal as stylish. Unfortunately it comes across as plain or maybe even sloppy. It maybe be time for Gucci to change their marketing strategy.