No Comfort For Japan and Korea’s Governments On Some Past Issues

(  It seems like a perennial issue to new governments in Japan and Korea.  Japan colonized Korea for 60 years.  They did many bad things.  One issue that seems to come to the front each cycle is the issue of comfort women.  Comfort women were Korean women used as sex slaves by the Japanese Imperial Army.

The Nikkei News Service of Japan reported last week that

In their talks in Kyoto, Noda, who has worked to deepen friendship with Seoul since taking the helm on Sept. 2, said the issue of the women, euphemistically called ”comfort women” in Japan, has already been ”settled,” but added that efforts are being made from a ”humanitarian standpoint.”

Most of Lee’s remarks were about the politically sensitive issue, with 40 minutes of the hourlong talks devoted to the topic, the South Korean presidential office said, raising concern that Lee’s unexpectedly strong focus on the issue could make it difficult for the two countries to promote ”future-oriented” bilateral relations.

At the outset of their meeting at the Kyoto State Guest House, Lee called on Noda to have ”sincere courage to resolve preferentially the issue, which is an obstacle to bilateral relations.”

Prime Minister Noda and the Japanese government see the issue as resolved via efforts to financially support the women that were sexually abused by the Japanese Imperial Army.  However it is clear the Koreans don’t see it that way.  They want financial settlement and last week erected a statue dedicated to comfort women in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul.  The Nikkei went on to say

During Sunday’s summit talks, Noda voiced regret over the statue and reiterated Japan’s call for it to be removed as soon as possible.

But Lee warned that ”a second and third statue would be set up” unless Japan takes ”sincere” measures over the matter, according to the South Korean presidential office.

Some see South Korea’s President Lee attempts to blow up the issue as a grab to get more support from people in Korea regarding other issues.

Are there really issues that need to be resolved or it this a attempt to get money for the victims as well enhance the approval rating?  It may be a long time before we find out….