It Is Time For Michelle Bachmann To Step Out Of The Race For US President for the Republicans

Yes, we’ve all winced as we’ve watched Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann respond to questions during the debates.  We’re sure she is probably a brilliant person, great representative of her district, distinct lawyer and just an all around great person.  However, at the Washington DC debate where she introduced herself with a happy thanksgiving, was the last sign for a couple of us at Bright Citizen that she was just not ‘very presidential’.

She has no following, is not a proven leader, and frankly has not done well at the polls.  Just as we suggested for her fellow Minnesontian Tim Pawlenty, it is time for her to drop out of the race for the Republican candidate for the US presidential race against Barak Obama.

Tim Pawlenty seemed to take cue with low polls but interestingly enough when you’re down it seems you tend to attack others.  Now Bachmann is doing the same thing as Newt Gingrich’s experience has begun to shine in Republican debates.  Apparently she is looking for ways to attack the front runners.  Digging up 8 year old letters and re-interpreting them is not productive to the selection process.

It is clear the Michelle Bachmann has not got the support to be elected.  It is time for her to bow out so that the strong candidates can focus on replacing the current US president if that is what they are going to do.

For the next candidate that can’t make it, our guess is despite having lots of campaign cash, Rick Perry will be heading back to focus on the affairs of Texas.  A great guy with a real job creation record, but communication skills are a must to compete on the national scale.  He may make it to the convention, but he has no chance of getting the nomination.

We hope Michelle Bachmann exits the stage soon, but based on what we’ve seen of Perry, he probably will be a small distraction until he gets the boot.