Do The Arabs In The British Defined Area Of Palestine Think The World Is Blind?

GazaTunnelExit( It all started with the kidnapping, killing and beheading of three Israeli youth. The Hamas terrorist organisation was likely responsible. That horrific act was followed by the killing of an Arab (Palestinian) murder at the hands of some Israeli murderers. The difference? The Israeli murderers were arrested and arraigned for trial. The Hamas killers were glorified as doing something noble. When Palestinian Arabs say, Israel is besieging Gaza, who do they think they are deceiving? This all started with the murder of three men.

Following the Israeli killing of the Arab, Hamas, the ruling group of the Gaza area, began firing rockets at Israel. Israel responded by taking down threatening rockets with it’s Iron Dome anti-missile system. To date, over 2,000 rockets have been fired at Israel.

Israel moved in early on and threaten to take over the Gaza area if the launching of rockets threatening Israeli citizens did not cease. The Israeli Prime Minister described it as,
“Israel uses our missiles to defend our citizens, Hamas uses their people to defend their rockets”.
Egypt’s government has stepped in several times to institute a cease-fire. Hamas rejected their cease-fire every time or just outright violated it.

How do we bring peace to Gaza? How do we remove the threat to the state of Israel? Short and sweet, demilitarise the Gaza strip and get leadership in power that doesn’t exist just to try to destroy Israel. Israel has blockaded and managed Gaza to limit the inflow of weapons. However, despite that, Hamas used the building materials that were allowed in to make attack tunnels and smuggle weapons in that they could breach Israel’s borders.

It’s time to demilitarise Gaza and not allow terrorists to destroy the area and it’s people due to their blind desires to destroy a nation.

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  1. As for the onlooking public opinion we should resist being manipulated and enlisted in the opposing factions of the Israel vs Palestine match, this isn’t the World Cup, is it? Rather, as an act of rebellion against the tyranny of corporate media the focus of the discussion should be taken away from the infantile flag-waving “taking sides” they have conditioned us to perform like trained monkeys and recast it in new forms that are more useful to the development of independent critcal thinking and consequently to the betterment of society.

    1. We appreciate your thoughts on BC. We allow positive and constructive comments on the various posts of the BrightCitizen writers… That’s why we’re bright. 😉

      One thing we must all understand is that in the waning years of the British empire, a lot of horrible things happened as the Brits took what they could and pulled out. A lot of messes were created. We see that in India/Pakistan conflict, the Singapore/Malaysia rivalry and especially the Arab/Israeli conflict. Many historians blame the Arab/Israeli conflict on the British government. How knows for sure?

      However, we stand for fairness and doing the right thing. Unfortunately on the ground in these areas, we see Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank are taught to hate and even kill Israelis. This hate is the root of the firing of missiles into it’s neighbor and the reaction of the state of Israel. It’s not everyone, but it is certainly pushed by the terrorist group in power.

      One investment banker recently commented that more money has been put into Gaza than into Dubai. What was done with it? Many experts estimate that nearly 50M USD was spent to build tunnels to kidnap and ransom Israelis. It’s time to drop the hate and preach a bit of coexistence.

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