Will Barak Obama Be Thrown Out Of Office Due To His Scandals?


(BrightCitizen.com) Everyone knew it. American UN Ambassador Susan Rice was sent on a tour of American talk shows telling people that a homemade Youtube video on Islam was the reason for the planned attack on the United States diplomatic mission in Benghazi Libya. No one bought the story so the White House and Barak Obama continue to try to modify the story.

Then news broke of the Internal Revenue Service using it’s audit terror power to target any group that is not in agreement with Barak’s policies. The IRS has been specifically targetting Tea Party based groups as these groups are mobilizing efforts to make the United States government more accountable.

Then the Justice Department is caught red-handed forcing telecommunications providers to give phone records of the Associated Press.

Abuse of power? What do you think? We are beginning to think our take on Obama really does think he is the king of the United States.