Why was the US Democratic Party Debate of January 2020 so boring?

What were their personal sales points they made?

Liz- Only the women in this stage can beat men > BC Response> So why were they on stage with you? Aren’t they winning in the polls?

Bernie- (who arrived by plane and car)- we have to take on the big oil companies. > BC Response> Bernie that pitch is getting old unless you find a new way to travel.

Homosexual Pete- we’re going to convince committed Christians that are prolife and pro-family to vote for who don’t support them. > BC Response> people buy from who they like and trust. Might be as hard for a sexual candidate to win as it was for Mitt Romney with the mainstream Christians.

Some unknown guy running- I’m going to beat President Trump on the economy. > BC Response> Still not sure who you are, but can you BOOM better than our current growth or just planning to tax people to death like your leftist comrades on stage?

Quid Pro Joe- I can take on Trump because he’s attacking me most. > BC Response> you’re only getting his attention because you’re leading in the pools. When the Hunter pay to play story come to light do think the media will ignore your corruption?

Where’s the fire with these folks?