Why The US Government Should Not Be Doing Job Programs

(BrightCitizen.com)  We all know it.  The government can not manage things well, or even efficiently.  One of our senators commissioned a study and found out what has been done with some $18B of taxpayer money that has been set aside for ‘job programs’ which Barak Obama said was his highest priority (to solicit votes no doubt).

The 2011 Government Accountability Office study he [Sen. Tom Coburn] commissioned, which examined programs in fiscal year 2009, found an overlapping and duplicative maze of 47 federal jobs programs run by nine agencies. Some were rife with mismanagement, waste, fraud, abuse and corruption.

The study found:

  • Some job training participants spent their days sitting on a bus.
  • Some were trained for jobs that didn’t exist.
  • Others were paid to sit through educational sessions about jobs they already had.
  • High school students were knowingly exposed to the cancer-causing agent asbestos as part of a job training program.
  • Funds were misspent to pay a contractor for ghost employees and to purchase video games.
  • Job training administrators spent federal funds on extravagant meals and bonuses for themselves.
  • In one state, workforce agency employees took more than 100 gambling trips to casinos mostly during work hours

You can read more here.  However, we have yet another reminder of the importance of a country governed and constant under check for quality and consistency… just like an effective business.