Why Is Hillsong’s Brian Houston Promoting Defamed Mark Driscoll To Conference?

mark-driscoll-is-founder-of-mars-hill-church-in-seattle(BrightCitizen.com) You would think Mark Driscoll should step down himself as his former church membership/leaders agree he has done some very questionable things.  Driscoll built up Mars Hill Church near Seattle Washington but resigned last year for misuse of church funds, hiring a firm to make his book a a NY Times best seller (by buying his books), and his abusive treatment of people working at his church through power harassment.

Despite this, no one is sure why Brian Houston, founder and leader of Hillsong church and leader of conferences, would feature him at a large event when the wounds of the people involved are still healing.

Hillsong conferences generally have great reviews but when it comes to the speakers, the mix of traditional religious Christians and the Strong Faith preachers speaking is confusing to most.  Read more about the campaign to get Hillsong to reconsider here.