Why Is Disney Anti-Family And Attacking The Boy Scouts?

(BrightCitizen.com) Disney Company recently announced they are cutting funds to support the Boy Scouts. The reason, the Boy Scouts don’t allow homosexual leaders around the boys.

What loving parent would send their child off to a camp in a remote location with a leader drawn to other males? That would not be so smart for those wanting to protect their children.

Why is Disney slighting this organization that has been so instrumental in developing young men? It’s all about appeasing the pressure of the homosexual lobby they embrace. From a business since for Disney, it makes no sense.

Is Disney family friendly? It certainly has been the part of many kids lives growing up with its amusement parks, movies, and music. However, if Disney continues to push the homosexual lifestyle they will lose millions in business.

The American family, of which their business is built on, can not be replaced by same-sex relationships as they cannot reproduce nor is there stability in their relationships if for those homosexuals who adopt as they usually split.

The biggest fear of the homosexual man is losing his partner… which is the high probability according to the latest research.