Why Christians Are Against Homosexual or Gay “Marriage”

For decades, homosexuals in the United States have sought stability in their same sex relationships.  They have also wanted recognition from the typical male and female couples.  

With the rise of the powerful homosexual lobby groups in the United States, homosexual people have been able to gain legal recognition.  Public sentiment started to cave in to say let them do what they want.

One group never has and never will likely accept homosexual relationships or ‘gay marriage’ for that matter as normal.  This group is Christians who follow the teachings of the Bible.   Homosexual lifestyle is considered sin and something that will separate people from being with God eternally.

With the new found power of the LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual) groups, pro-homosexual public servants and lawyers as well as gay couples looking for money have begun taking legal action in states against Christians who accept them, but don’t accept their ‘sin’.  Christian Americans see providing service in these homosexual marriages as an association with the sin.  Therefore many Christian professionals have declined to bake homosexual wedding cakes or do flowers for gay weddings.  

The people living the homosexual lifestyle have decided to change the original message of tolerance away and attack Christian business owners for not supporting their marriages.  They have even labeled it as discriminatory.  

Christians are not against homosexual people, they just do not want to be associated or have a conscience that is contrary to the Bible that condones this lifestyle.