Who Is The True Communist? Putin Or Obama

(BrightCitizen.com) After 7 years of wishful thinking from the political left, leftist press corps, news channels, and entertainers are finally starting to question Barak Obama’s fitness to govern a large nation.

As the issues in the Ukraine unfold we see more and more of Russia. We usually think of the United States as a free and open nation however that no longer seems to be the case. With the open persecution of Christian Americans in education, the military and schools, the takeover of muslim extremists in nations around the world, and a complete lack of leadership the democratic spirit of America seems to have left after Obama spent a year in the Whitehouse. He seems preoccupied with buying votes by his repeated calls of ‘rich is evil’, tax the rich, strengthen the unions, don’t support large American enterprise. America is contracting under Obama.

On the other side of the world, Putin seems to understand capitalism. He’s no advocate of communism but he seems to demonstrate that a nation needs to be strong to grow economically. He is former KGB spy agency leadership, but that does not stop him from raising the corporate flag for Russian industry.

Who is the true communist? It certainly isn’t Vladimir Putin.