United States Most Uncivilized Nation In World For Foreign Visitors

(BrightCitizen.com) Upon entering the United States at any major airport, you are greeted by immigration officers that think they are police officers. Unarmed passengers’ first Americans to meet are these agents that are armed, male or female, healthy or overweight; every one of them has a gun. We are not sure why?  For uncontrolled entry points we would understand.

Many politicians and even pastors frequently state that the United States is the ‘greatest nation on the earth’. Of course it is a wonderful country, but what is the ‘greatest’ part they are referring to? Foreign business executives or workers from any nation are assumed to be wanting to sneak into the country. There is incredible pressure for frequent visitors to have a Greencard if you visit more than once every six months. Moreover, these immigrations officers tend to make visitors feel like criminals. One European c-level executive of a major US-based corporation commented this week, “I travel more than most flight attendants to many countries each year. I grew up in the states but every time I go through immigration I am baffled than one agent can hassle someone so much.”

If Americans really want to be greatest nation then we need to tailor our dealings with our guests based on the countries of origin and more importantly their travel history.