U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker Successfully Offends Japanese Government

141021_Penny_Pritzker(BrightCitizen.com) US Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker came to Japan this week and spoke to the Japanese government as well as American business leadership groups.  She successfully offended the Japanese government by coming to a meeting with some 100 people in her cadre from the US embassy in Tokyo, major American firms, and US government employees that had traveled from the US with her.  After giving a 10 minute speech, Pritzker looked at her watch and said, “I have to go”.  She abruptly left the Japanese ministry meeting as well as the nearly 200 people watched with jaws dropped.  Japanese government officially commented and were clearly offended.

The next day Penny spoke to American business leaders.  She gave a 15 minute speech, gave no time for questions, and after shaking hands with people in the front of the room left the venue in a similar fashion saying, “Let’s get out of here” as she left the room.

This is a concerning example of maybe why the current American administration has failed to retain global leadership.  “It unfortunate to see how this administration is burning cash to misrepresent the United States of America” commented one local American executive.