The Reason Why Donald Trump Ran For President Of The United States

obama-on-bikeMany Americans have been frustrated by Barak Obama and his rudderless leadership of the United States.  Instead of supporting and helping American business that can help increase tax revenue, he attacked Boeing through the Justice Department.

On his international visits, he was more concerned about meeting with homosexuals than the American businesses in the area.

He proclaimed his christianity to get elected but thought it better to  send back the culturally christian people of the Middle East into persecution or deadly environments than properly filtering the Muslims who were admitted into the US that present a threat of domestic terrorism.

Clearly Donald Trump, like most of America, was frustrated with the weak leadership of Barak Obama.  He ran for office because as any entrepreneur, he felt he could do it better.

But that is nothing compared with the utter devastation Democrats have suffered in the states. On President Obama’s watch, Democrats have lost a net grand total of 939 state legislative seats, 30 state legislative chambers and a dozen governorships. When Obama first took office, Republicans held just 3,223 state legislative seats. After Tuesday’s vote, the number stands at 4,162. There are now more Republican state legislators than at any time since 1920. And if Gov. Pat McCrory holds on in North Carolina, Republicans will match their all-time high of 34 GOP governors last seen in the 1920s