The Public Doesn’t Buy The Attacks On Alabama’s Judge Roy Moore

( The leftist media has done it’s best to smear Alabama’s Judge Roy Moore.  The outspoken Christian has not given in to their attacks.

From collaborative websites and a survey of the comment section of various news sites, it is clear the the public isn’t buying the pre-election release about him being a pervert.  Interestingly enough, Judge Moore’s wife isn’t buying the story either.

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s marriage was certainly a marriage of convenience.  They may have married for love back in Arkansas, but that love was long gone with the string of women that Bill went after as he seemed to have no intimacy with his wife.  Of course, men also must not succumb to temptation if they have a healthy relationship with their wife.  However, a relationship with no romance between the husband and wife is DOA.  Hillary defended her husband as he was her gravy train.  Now, the media reports that they mostly live apart.

For Judge Moore, his wife Kayla Moore is vigorously defending him.   Why?  If she thought he were a pervert, she would certainly not be living with him, nor would she go out and campaign side by side with him.

The leftists are trying to smear Judge Moore and American’s just are not ignorant of the scheme.

Alabama will elect Judge Moore and will soon have Senator Roy Moore!