The Prodigal President- Barak Obama

( Barak Obama has been busy telling government agencies to show the pain of cutting government (cuts also known the sequester). He’s closed down Whitehouse tours and told Homeland Security to pull staff at airports so Americans can feel the pain of longer waits for security checks. In the meantime, the same department spent over 1m USD on new uniforms.

It would be great if Baraks actions would follow his own talk. Unfortunately they don’t. Its the standard politician, do what I say, not what I do. He’s busy partying at the Whitehouse with famous personalities and playing golf with Tiger Woods. Which was another one day trip that cost Americans 1m USD as well.

Americans are neither dumb nor blind. They see this prodigal president lavishly wasting taxpayer funds while trying to dirty the opposing party for wanting a fiscally responsible government. It’s time Barak represent the people who elected him, not milk them for every dime.