The facts about sexual harassment in the United States Of America

With the current political attacks on Republican Presidential candidate Mr. Herman Cain, one might wonder what exactly is sexual harassment and specifically what does it mean in the United States of America.

Most of the contributors of are c-level (CEO, CFO, CTO, etc) with extensive experience in business both in the US and abroad.  As any c-level in the US will tell you, sexual harassment accusations against management, in more cases than not, are settled by the accuser signing and agreement and a payment made by the company to avoid the high costs of America’s overabundance of lawyers taking any story to court.  A small sum is usually paid and the person is released.

We have seen outright sexual harassment in the US and abroad.  However like many things in the US, this charge has been abused and in most cases is just an inept employee looking for free money.  This charge should not be taken lightly as it not only wastes a company and their staff’s time, it can also damage the reputation of good people.