Talk About Clueless Government, Iran Needs A Competent PR Firm

(  If you follow international news, you are probably amazed at the bumbling Iranian government.  Clearly the US under Barak Obama missed an opportunity to support it’s people that apparently voted their tyrannical ‘president’ down only to be subjected to a harsh crackdown by their police.  This was all despite thousands protesting doctored election results in July 2009.  Protests were met by the Basij paramilitary police chasing, beating, and killing their own unarmed countrymen.

If you don’t deal with a problem, it will likely come back.  Here comes the Iranian military running around in boats with handguns and short-barrelled rifles pointed around the boats.  Who are they going to scare?  Yes, they do have missiles and have threatened to nuke Israel.  Someone has to deal with the problem.

You can catch the Reuters feed here.