Romney Would Be Wise To Integrate

(  Mitt Romney’s organization and planning to get the nomination for US presidential candidate from the Republican party may have paid off.  All the potential candidates to challenge him have suspended their campaigns.  All is left is old man Ron Paul.  Since Paul is over 70 and has no chance in getting the nomination, he cannot be considered a serious contender.

There is a good thing that Romney can learn from the race.  Pick up the good things that supporters liked about their Republican candidates.

-Paul’s followers zeal

-Santorum’s supporter’s desire for someone with a Christian ethic

-Gingrich’s supporters desire for no more business as usual in Washington DC.

We really admired Newt because he was not just a talker as we see with nearly all politicians.  Newt was willing to try something new to address the changing issues the United States faces each year.

Advice for Mitt, look at the strengths of your competitors and bring them in to your campaign.  Don’t pick a Palin, but find a VP candidate that people will like and can help you win.