Reuters Misreporting Again On Obama Using The Federal Government To Attack States

( The Presidency of Barak Obama will no doubt go down as the Presidency of Litigation.  Instead of hearing the concerns of the majorities of States and their governments, the Obama administration has decided that spending tax payers money to sue States they don’t agree with or see some potential for ‘buying’ votes.  They have become the bully and vacated the seat of moderation and unity.

Ask any citizen of Arizona and you will have a hard time finding anyone disagreeing with their law authorizing police to check ID for people that could possibly be illegal.  Police check ID of regular citizens all the time for traffic stops. One would wonder what is the big deal.

Reuters news agency must see itself as working for Barak and his crew of nation busters.  When states finally got fed up with Obama and his efforts to derail their efforts to operate Attorney Generals started to respond.  Now  Reuters tries to write it up as a Republican conspiracy.  They say,

(Reuters) – In the ornate Chinese Ballroom of Washington’s Mayflower Hotel, nine Republican state attorneys general gathered last month at a long, white-cloth covered table for an unusual news conference. One by one, as TV news cameras rolled, they catalogued their many lawsuits against President Barack Obama’s administration.

When it came to Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne’s turn, he said, “We have eight lawsuits.” One of those, defending Arizona’s new law requiring police officers to check the papers of anyone they suspect is in the U.S. illegally, will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Like the Supreme Court challenge to the Obama-sponsored healthcare law heard last month, the Arizona case is part of a larger story about an escalating battle between Republican-led states and the federal government. All but one of the 16 states that have filed “friend of the court” briefs on the Arizona side have Republican governors. Meanwhile, all of the 11 states lining up with the Obama administration are led by Democrats.

The article is written by Joan Biskupic and can be read in it’s entirety here.  However the point is, quit being a political mouthpiece for the current Obama regime and start reporting the news Reuters.  Your bias is blatant and discredits you.  Making an effort to come across as more neutral may sell more advertising.  Then again, maybe sensationalism brings more revenue?  That helped William Randolf Hearst to build his empire of manipulation.

The fact is federal and state governments need to work together, not be taking legal action.  The buck stops and start with the office of President, no matter what party is there at the time.