People With Business Sense Vote Against Obama- US Chamber Of Commerce

(  For the last 3.5 years, business leaders have been showing their displeasure with Barak Obama’s incompetence that is bringing instability to the US economy.   Businesses will not remain silent about random threats of taxation, the constant demonization of making a profit (what businesses have to do to have employees), and the total lack of teamwork in shoving the healthcare law, Obamacare, down American’s throats with no debate to create an effective healthcare system.  Business leaders are not sitting around.  Reuters reports,

The business lobby, which has opposed some of the Obama administration’s key domestic policies, including the 2010 healthcare restructuring law, historically stays away from the presidential race but hits hard on congressional elections as well as state attorneys general and elected judges races.

“Our strategy is to protect the pro-business majority in the House and advance our interests in the Senate,” said Rob Engstrom, the group’s national political director. applauds this action (although we find it unfortunate that politics involve such large sums of money).