Japanese Prime Minister Noda Declares Nuclear Plants In Fukushima Finally In Cold Shut Down

(BrightCitizen.com)  The nuclear accident caused by the East Japan earthquake and tsunamis has been raging for months.  Japanese officials had denied the gravity of the accident, but months ago it was discovered that the Fukushima complex went through 3 nuclear meltdowns.

“The nuclear reactors have reached a state of cold shutdown and therefore we can now confirm that we have come to the end of the accident phase of the actual reactors,” Mr Noda told a news conference

“The Japanese government promises to clarify the roadmap from here and do our utmost, while ensuring we operate the nuclear reactors as safely as possible, to decommission them.”

The “battle is not over”, he said, adding that the next phase would focus on the clean-up operation, including decontaminating the ground around the plant.

The BBC reports.  The battle is not over is probably an understatement.  However life in Tokyo and much of Japan has apparently turned back to normal.  The real challenge for Japan will be for businesses that in coming months may not have the power to fuel normal production and manufacturing.