It’s A Free Country As Long As Your Don’t Say You’re Against Gay Marriage

(  Americans are famous for saying what they think.  The nation has always been open to the opinions of other and built on a strong ethics.  With the advent of politicians endorsing lifestyles that perspective has gone away.  What was once live and let live has become, “If you don’t agree with me I will attack you”.

That is exactly what has happened with Mayor Thomas Menino of Boston.  He has publicly stated that he is going to work against a restaurant chain because they founder said he did not believe in gay marriage.  Interestingly enough, most of the United States doesn’t believe in gay marriage as gays cannot become true families as a man and a woman can.  Children raised by two men or two women homosexuals are more likely to have issues with self-motivation, suicidal tendencies, social issues and countless other issues over children raised by a loving mother and father.

It is a sad day in the USA when one can’t talk about the beliefs that got Americans where there are without being threatened by someone who wants to force their viewpoint on the majority.