How Could President Donald Trump Survive 4 years of Character Assignations?

US President Donald Trump speaking at a Campaign Rally

US President Donald Trump is one of the most unique American presidents in history. He is not a lawyer by trade, nor is he a career politician from the DC swamp that just accepts things as they are. Mr. Trump is someone that no supporter can even defend as he is sometimes crude, rude, and unrelenting.

Trump beat self-loving Hillary Clinton in 2016 for a couple reasons. More people hated Hillary than any other candidate in history because of her pay to play politics and her arrogance. Secondly, another 4 years of Obama like politics didn’t appeal to business people who weren’t sure of more legal red tape that made hiring people and doing business unpredictable.

The Trump presidency was a breath of fresh with the economy as it roared to recording trading on the stock market, record unemployment, opportunity for all. The political establishment didn’t want to see Trump successful. Then President Barak Obama approved the surveillance of then citizen Donald Trump which was the beginning of attacks on Mr. Trump by the dirty politicians, mostly from the Democrat’s but also including some Republicans as well. Mr. Trump has been attacked constantly, but he hasn’t been too shy or politically correct and has highlighted that. What attacks were made?

  • The Russian election hoax started by Hillary related people and continued by the democrat controlled House of Representatives and fake news kings, CNN, broadcast every day for months
  • Fake impeachment by same dems regarding a phone call with the Ukraine
  • Constant blocking of executive orders and other Trump administration policies by activist leftist judges

The list of attacks on the president goes on and on. We will not. But this begs the question. How could President Donald Trump survive 4 years of attacks on his character? He has likely survived it because he is not a politician stock in ruts of Washington DC decision making. He is a business man who is used to getting things done.

One thing we do notice is that Trump has not caved in to the attacks. In fact, he has become emboldened by the attacks and moved into a more aggressive stance and activity. Name calling, talking over people, and negative comments are never acceptable. But if President Trump were not as tough as he is through his business experience, he would have resigned and left the political pit many years ago.

Donald Trump is a one of a kind person. He is far from defendable by committed Republicans, but from a results perspective he has been one of the best presidents in United States history.