Hit The Road Barak- Newsweek Agrees It’s Time For Barak Obama To Step Aside

(BrightCitizen.com) Amazing to see Newsweek getting a whiff of reality!  Rather than promoting a candidate because he or she is on the left side of political spectrum, Newsweek is looking at achievements and abilities.

Newsweek has really not been known for trying to present both sides of a story politically. However, their article “Why We Need A New President” has done an excellent job of summarizing what the American Chamber of Commerce and the majority of American business people are saying.  It’s time for Barak Obama to move on.

Barak is clearly clueless as a leader of the United States and is presiding over the greatest decline and mismanagement of the United States Of America.  At the current rate, the United States will join the ‘has-beens’ of world power such as the UK, Spain, Rome, and even the vikings in a couple of decades or sooner.  At BrightCitizen, we believe that Mitt Romney is our only hope for getting the US back on track.