Corruption Sentence of 14 Years for Blagojevich

(  Politicians cannot be allowed to cheat.  It is sad but good to see there is still some justice in the US.  The media notes,

is the fourth former Illinois governor to be convicted of criminal charges since 1973, and received the longest sentence.

U.S. District Judge James Zagel said he “could not comprehend” the defense position that even if Blagojevich were guilty, the governor’s conduct caused no harm to the state of Illinois.

Politicians are an expression of their environment.  It is concerning that in the US, Chicago seems to need to make some changes.

We look forward to the day when those Yale University graduates that go back to the Philippines and other lesser developed nations can avoid going into the pig pen of graft, greed, and bribery and hold a higher standard as the future Presidents such as the Clintons and Bushes have been held to.  Unfortunately, we will always have corruption, but without justice, it will only increase.

Creating a great environment is crucial for any organization.