Carlos Ghosn, Former Nissan Boss Jumps Bail, Breaks Japan Laws Again In Flight To Lebanon

Carlos Ghosn, Former Nissan CEO and Corporate Pirate

Carlos Ghosn proclaimed his innocence in sending millions of Nissan dollars to paper companies in the Netherlands and the Middle East under the management of his children. Today he jumped bail sneaking out of Japan to avoid prosecution.

Bloomberg reported about his departure. Disregarding the laws and fleeing to a country without reciprocal legal agreements seems to reinforce the position that Ghosn is indeed guilty despite his video in April [here] claiming to be innocent.

Ghosn claimed the Japanese legal system is rigged against him. The Japanese legal system is not perfect, but definitely more effective than other developed nations in identifying criminals and punishing them for their crimes. This bail jumping by Carlos Ghosn reinforces the idea that he is guilty.

The government of Japan should lodge a formal complaint with the Lebanese government to send Ghosn back for trial immediately.

Maybe now, Ghosn can earn the title #pirateghosn for defrauding Nissan shareholders of millions of dollars?

2 Replies to “Carlos Ghosn, Former Nissan Boss Jumps Bail, Breaks Japan Laws Again In Flight To Lebanon”

  1. Not to be overlooked:

    Last September, Ghosn “settled with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission over claims of failing to disclose more than $140 million in pay to him from Nissan. He was fined $1 million while Nissan was fined $15 million and Greg Kelly [his bagman and fixer] $100,000. He is barred from serving as a director or officer of a public company for ten years and Kelly for five years.”

    So, there was zero chance of him ever returning to Nissan and/or Renault — or of running or being on the board of any publicly-quoted company.

    His career was essentially over.

  2. He & his followers consider the law beneath them. He took funds from a corporation, that’s someone else’s money, to enrich his personal lifestyle. He knew full well the culture he stepped into when he moved to Japan but felt his position was extraordinary; a view looked upon very dimly to anyone in that society. Nobody put a gun to his head to live there.

    He is a crook.

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