Can A Muslim American Write An Accurate History On Jesus Of Nazareth?

Reza Aslan, a Muslim American living in California, has written a book on Jesus of Nazareth. He argues that he is an expert on Religion but yet thought leaders question how a muslim professor can comment on Jesus Christ without bias. Reza Aslan, author of ‘Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth,’ says he wrote the book as a historian, not as a Muslim.

The majority believe bias as inherent. In this interview, you can see his spirited effort to portray himself as an academic.

At, we find it interesting that a 41-year Iranian-American can have such different revelations from the same history that scholars have been studying for 2,000 years. The history of Jesus Christ chronicled and confirmed and scholars for so long, it is hard to believe someone can reinterpret the same materials in such a different way. Many think he has two purposes-
1) Get attention to sell books
2) Deny the divinity of Jesus the Christ

You can see his interview below.