As Fugitive Carlos Ghosn Continues to Blame The Japanese Justice System, Family Speaks Out

As former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn jumped bail and fled to Lebanon, he blamed the Japan Justice system for his troubles. No doubt, the prosecutors in Japan can hold a person much longer than any developed nation without charges. This is should be changed. However, the thing most Westerners don’t understand is that prosecutors rarely go after someone unless they see that they have a solid case.

Probably the closest person to Carlos was his ex-wife. Rita Ghosn gave up her career so she could support Carlos in his global position as well as raise the children. She also ran a Lebanese restaurant near the Daikanyama area of Tokyo. In 2016, Carlos remarried Carole Ghosn.

Following his arrest for allegedly misusing Nissan company funds and hiding his personal income from the authorities, Rita Ghosn commented on her Facebook account saying , ‘all narcissists are hypocrites. They pretend to have morals and values that they really don’t possess,’ the shared message has since been removed but continued,

‘Behind closed doors, they lie, insult, criticize, disrespect and abuse. They can do and say whatever they want, but how dare you say anything back to them or criticize them. They have a whole set of rules for others, but follow none of their own rules, and practice nothing of what they preach.’

As predicted, Carlos has tried to blame others and the justice system for his crimes. What can be more damning than someone that lived with the accused for twenty plus years…