The End of the Herman Cain Campaign For US President

(  For CNN, MSNBC, and other left wing news businesses attacking Republican leaders and candidates is nothing new.  When initial charges of sexual harassment broke out regarding candidate Herman Cain, most people tried to look at the issue from both sides.  Sexual harassment is a common litigation that most companies want to avoid as we noted in our article, The Facts On Sexual Harassment in The United States.

However, with revelations of a 13 year relationship between the candidate and a woman other than his wife it is clear that there might be more to the story.  In Italy or France, candidates can get away with being unfaithful to their spouse much easier than the US.  Just look at people like Silvio Berlusconi in Italy or France’s Nicolas Sarkozy.

If you dare to listen to American political talk radio, you will still hear some supporting Mr. Cain, but with revelations of a 13 year affair hitting the streets he will probably have a marriage on the rocks to deal with.

A good rule of thumb for Bright Citizens is whatever you do in the dark is always going to come to the light.