Is The US News Media Anti-Christian?

( The United States has been considered to be a Christian nation for almost three-hundred years.  Some estimates say Christians of all flavors number in some 80% of the total US population.  However, for anyone who watches the mainstream news, you will find very anti-Christian comments and reports.  MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann calls ProLife people “Christian Jihadists”.  CBS’ Katie Couric calls Christian values “repugnant”.  Others have called intelligent and well-established Christians as people with “neurological disorders”.  Why such bigotry and outright attacks on Christians?

There are many reasons Christians can identify, however SE Cupp in her book, “Losing Our Religion” sees it from a different angle.  Ms. Cupp is an atheist.  She comments that the goal of the news media is to overthrow God.  To rip every discussion, every talk of any content on God.  The mainstream media is a tool of oppression targeting mainstream American.

In a recent interview, Ms. Cupp notes that the media finally has someone in the White house that is as uncomfortable with publish worship as they are.  On top of that Hollywood and pop culture has always been anti-Christian.  These three mediums are a powerful influence.

The media uses religion as a weapon, they use it to humanize the left, and to demonize the right.  The case is in point is the onslaught of attacks on President Bush who professes to be a Christian, while Barak Obama who also says he is a Christian is not under attack.  This is more evident how the media has attacked people like Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee labeling those with Christian values as extremists and anyone of those who profess to be Christians on the political left are not submitted to such fierce criticism.

The liberal media does not handle nuance well.  They cannot distinguish between Christians or any of the various types of Christians.

If Christian attacks were replaced with Jews, Blacks, Asians, or some other group, the anchor would be removed from their jobs.  However, this double-standard in the media is very evident.

Ms. Cupp says these attacks are happening daily.  She thinks that Christians need to organize around this. Just as the Tea Party’s have been organized around fiscal responsibility.

Israeli’s Blockade Of Gaza Is Legal By International Maritime Law

( International Maritime Law expert Mr. Robert Margolis on a recent interview says a state has a right under International Maritime Law.  Under the law of Blockades, a country may declare a blockade over a port in both the territorial seas and the international waters.  The boarding of the ship is not an act of piracy by a warship as others have condemned Israel.  Pirates are individuals seeking personal gains.

If a blockade is declared and the ship is aware of the blockade.  Their is a series of steps to hail, fire across the bow, and boarding becomes acceptable.  By trying to break a sovereign nation’s blockade, they indeed are breaking the law.

Mr. Margolis says that the Israelis actually did not use too much force, but actually used too little force.  He said the Israeli’s should have dropped stun grenades or tear gas to clear the deck first as they had every right to board the ship by International Maritime Laws.

The Peace Boats

( Israeli media reported the other side of their story.  Many believe the Peace Flotilla was a set up to delegitimize the state of Israel’s right to exist.

The below video shows the story from a different perspective.  Notice particularly the song in the video.

Who Are These Peace Boats Fighting Israel?


( The nation of Israel has been fighting to protect it citizens from the endless barrage of missiles fired into it’s territory from Gaza.  Gaza is currently under the control of the militant group HAMAS.  Hamas refused to recognize the nation of Israel or it’s right to exist.  Israel has responded by blockading Gaza by sea so that arms will not flow in from Hamas terrorism supporters in Iran and Syria.

A flotilla of 10 ships set sail from Cypus.  The ships were loaded with people and supplies in an effort to bring attention to the blockade.  Although they were referred to as Peace Boats, the sponsors of the boats is a non-profit organization in Turkey which is a front for a terrorist organization.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) engaged the named “Peace Flotilla” asking them to sail toward Ashdod instead of Gaza.  There they would inspect the cargo for weapons and send the aid on to the people living in the Gaza area under Hamas rule.  The Peace Flotilla continued on ignoring the orders of the Israeli navy.

Israel commandos repelled from helicopters to the decks of the ships.  Their were armed with side-arms but only paint-ball rifles as they apparently intended to do crowd control.  They were greeted by Turkish nationals with steel pipes and knives.  They immediately attacked the Israeli commandos and two commando handguns were taken.  The commandos were beaten and one was thrown over the side rail to the deck 30 feet below.

When the IDF so that it was not just crowd control, they opened fire as they were surrounded by these Turks and 9 people were killed.

International outcry has condemned the Israeli action, but the background of the Turkish attackers seems to go unreported in mainstream media.