Is US President Barak Obama A Committed Christian?

Is Barak Obama a committed Christian?  First of all what is a Committed Christian?  A Committed Christian is a person who carefully and wholly follows the teachings of Jesus the Messiah and is a regular attender of a fellowship of believers working daily to follow Him.  Jesus said that we are not to judge others hypocritically but that His followers are supposed to follow His teachings.  Jesus said believers are supposed to have fruit (good positive results).

In a Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson broadcast last week, Tony Perkins, President of Family Research Council made it what many committed Christians are thinking saying,

“I have no doubt, as you look back over the last two and a half of years of this administration, that the president has used his bully pulpit—he has done public policy but beyond the public policy that he’s pushed for—that it’s created an atmosphere that is hostile toward Christianity,” Perkins said.

Over the last 2.5 years of the Obama presidency, we have seen actions that go against the teachings of Jesus the Messiah.

-Bans on federal funding to be used for abortion were immediately lifted when he took office

-He said he was a member of a church were the pastor preached prejudice and only disassociated once the media reported on the church teachings of hate and division.

-Before and during president we do not know what church he actually attends as he does not meet regularly with any believers.

-He promotes homosexual marriage that is direct contradiction to Biblical teaching to both Jews and followers of Jesus.

-He cancelled the national day of prayer and has created an anti-Christian environment in government.

-In four separate instances has voted against bills that would protect aborted babies that were born alive.

There are many things that demonstrate that he does not have the fruit of a follower of Jesus.  If you want to see their fruit you can look at what they do.  Their ‘fruit’.  Actions speak louder than words, but in the case of Barak Obama regarding whether he truly follows Jesus or not; his words speak just as loud as his actions.

In a 2004 interview with Cathleen Falsani he said,

I believe that there are many paths to the same place.

All people of faith, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Animists- EVERYONE knows the same God.

In a meeting of evangelical leaders in 2008, when asked if Jesus was the only way to God he replied.

Jesus is the only way for me.

There is so much material out there that shows He is not a follower of Jesus.  Followers of Jesus believe and follow the Bible.  Followers of Jesus are not to hypocritically judge other believers, however looking at the fruit that Jesus told us to display in our lives is essential for protecting ourselves against false teachers, hypocrites and those who are anti-Christ.

In American politics, many career politicians say they are Christians so that they can appeal to the masses of Christians in the United States populace.  This is very clearly the case with Barak Obama… a true ‘political Christian’.

Barak Obama seems to speak enough of the Christian language to talk about being ‘saved’ but his actions and words speak louder than just saying he knew “Jesus as His Savior.”